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    GaN Systems 140W PD

    ? AC input from 90V to 264V 

    ? High frequency Totem PFC and Dual Switch QR Flaybck with GaN FET. 

    ? Max Output power: 140W 

    ? Low standby power:<150mW 

    ? Ripple&Noise: <500mV

    ? Full load efficiency: >94.2%

    ? Output OVP, OCP, SCP 

    ? Small size with compact design 

    ? PCBA size: 55mmx55mmx22mm 

    ? PCBA power density: 34.5 W/inch3 (2.1W/cc) 

    ? Adapter size: 60mmx60mmx28mm 

    ? Adapter power density: 22.8 W/inch3 (1.4W/cc)

    Mark:This design uses GaN systems’s GS-065-011-1-L ,

    Onsemi’s NCP1680 Totem PFC controller, NCP1345 HF QR Flyback PWM controller,

    NCP4306 synchronous rectified controller and INJOINIC’s IP2736 for 140W 1C USB PD3.1 adapter. 


    周一至日 9:00-18:00 0755-26508880